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Sally Volkmann is a documentary filmmaker, editor, and artist from Michigan.

Sally is drawn to intimate, character-driven narratives, non-linear storytelling and the rich texture of archival. Her work reflects her interests in climate change, social justice, and gender equality. 


During her five years in Los Angeles, Sally was an assistant editor on The Hunting Ground (2015); assistant/additional editor on Icarus (2017); contributing editor at the Sundance Documentary Edit and Story Lab with Warrior Women (2018); and jury member for the IDA Awards. 


Since moving to New York City in 2018, Sally edited

Morgan Stanley’s series in collaboration with Makers (2020) and assisted on a feature documentary for the Sean Parker Foundation. 


In 2019, she was elected to the steering committee of the Alliance of Documentary Editors (ADE). As a steering committee member, Sally is committed to creating opportunities for information exchange through the wage survey and deal memo; mentorship with Shadow Days in NYC; and collaboration between members and the documentary community as a whole.

Currently, Sally is in the Karen Schmeer

Diversity in the Edit Room Program class of 2020.


Sally enjoys the range of opportunities freelance editing provides. She leverages her communication skills and creativity to refine cinematic visions in both

New York and Los Angeles.

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